Javon Toliver, Staff Reporter

My Summer 2019


Hello, my name is Javon Toliver. I am an 8th Grader at Dobie Jr High. This is my first year here and my 3rd time being stationed back in Texas. The only bad thing is that everytime I’ve moved back here I’ve ended up in a different place in Texas.

This summer I moved from Illinois to here (Texas). When I first made it here I had to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks while we were getting everything with the house squared away. As soon as I made it into the house like a few days later, my cousin came to visit because he had a basketball tournament. So when he came he asked me if I wanted to play for the same organization and I said yes. The next day I was already on the team and was a part of the 2024 TJ Ford Bulls. 

I continued to play for them and then eventually found the local team I play for now (Alamo City All-Stars) and we still haven’t lost a game. I also did a lot of training with my new coach and worked on my jumpshot a lot. But I also just had some time to chill out and relax this summer and beat just about everyone who challenged me at 2k19.

I was super nervous almost all summer about how the new school was going to be as well (Dobie).I really was excited to meet people from this area though and eventually make some friends. Because in all honesty my 9 year old brother isn’t always my go-to option when it comes to having fun. I also got to see my family that I haven’t gotten to see in a year and it was pretty nice. They were all amazed by how tall I had gotten in one year.

This summer was a pretty good one overall because even though I had to leave my old friend, I made it here and got to play basketball,have fun, and see my family.