My goals for this school year !


Hello my name is Sydnee La Niear , I am an 8th grader at Dobie JH .One of my goals this school year is to get better in math .I’ve  always had some trouble with it since 5th grade.In 6th grade, math became my favorite subject because I had an amazing math teacher who actually made us try our hardest to pass into 7th grade .Her name was Mrs.Cole and she was the best . Math was never my favorite subject but now it is .

My next goal is to get better at playing my instrument in band .I play the clarinet , and I’ve been playing for a good 4 years .Band is actually really fun and I love what I do. Most kids dropped out the 2nd year of playing clarinet because they thought it was too hard but didn’t even try which kinda makes me mad because I know they can do it and so do they .In the beginning when I first started playing I thought it was hard but I actually tried and got better and better now i’m in the 2nd highest band here at djh !

My last goal for this year is to pass all my classes and learn more about journalism .I’m actually really interested in learning more about it . I love writing stories about stuff I see or just random things. I’ve never really looked into journalism but it looks really cool and im excited to learn more and write stories .I am really looking forward to my last year here at dobie !