My Goals For This New School Year

 Hello, my name is Abigail Martinez or just Abby. I’m an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High school. I have some goals I want to achieve this school year. Some are to get really good grades.Cause sometimes my grades aren’t good. Also to do well in school. Cause sometimes I get distracted in class or sometimes I just talk to my friends. Another would be to keep my grades up.Cause like in the beginning of the year my grades are good and like towards the end of the year my grades drop. Another would be I want to be able to understand  what I’m learning. Cause some things I get confused on. I want to not get confused. Those were just some academic or class goals for this new school year.

Some other goals are to make some new friends,but also keep my old friends. That’s one goal I like. Cause I really like making new friends. Also cause the more friends I have means that people help me and I help them. Also cause more people I get to talk to and hang out with. When I make new friends it doesn’t matter to me who they are no matter race,or other things they are.  All that matters is that they are there for me and I can trust them. I’ll count on them if I need to. Becoming friends with someone new is exciting, interesting, and fun. There are so many things to learn about them like for example what their name is, what classes they have, or even just as simple as asking them how their day is going. That’s one of my favorite goals.

Another goal for this school year is to learn to ask for help when I need it. This is a goal I want to succeed at doing. Sometimes I don’t ask for help when I need it. I would sometimes avoid asking for help when I actually need it the most. I would sometimes ask my friends for help cause sometimes I understood it better from them. I wouldn’t ask sometimes cause I don’t like speaking or asking out loud in front of the class. Either that or cause sometimes I think the question is dumb to ask so I don’t ask it. What I’ve learned from all of that was that I should always ask for help no matter even when I’m confused or lost about it. I learned that to always ask your question cause you may think it’s dumb, but when you actually ask it might be a smart one instead,and probably no one ever thought of asking. So I hopefully wish that I succeed at this goal.