My Summer


Avery Bruno, Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Avery Bruno. I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr High School. My summer could be described as relaxed and stressful. Although these words contradict each other they both sum up my summer. Some days were very relaxed as we had nothing to do, but others were very stressful as we were packing to move. This made my summer the craziest yet.

Some of my more relaxed days were spent at the pool, with friends or just at home. My mom has a longer schedule in the summers, and she works from home. This means we must stay home until she gets off work and it also means we must stay quiet otherwise my mom could hear us. To avoid being too loud I would normally just hang out in my room or watch TV on very low volume. This created a very calm environment that I enjoyed.

Besides from my relaxed days came some stressful days. These days came towards the end of the summer because we were moving. We had lots of things going on such as people coming to view our house, multiple trips to look for houses, and packing. These all made it very hard on me. I finally realized that I should be happy that I get to move. I love exploring and this will be a fresh start for me. I will get to make all new first impressions and I will meet brand new people. So my summer ended on a good note by going back to school which is were I found brand new friends that made the move worth every long hour in the car.