Hello my name is Adayis Bryant, I am a 7th grader at Dobie junior high.

My goals for this specific school year is to get above average grades and to have fun doing so. 

I am also looking forward to working hard in my classes and overall just being good at subjects for school. As far as extra curricular activities go, I don’t plan on doing anything, though I do play basketball. As for anything else I can assume that I will be repeating the same thing but getting progressively more difficult as I advance through the year.


Through the school-year I have seen people I know so anything socially is not an issue. The one thing that I might find very difficult is consuming water when in class, considering I only have a disposable water bottle and I may get very thirsty in class. I am looking forward to the cooler seasons like winter and fall considering how hot it is now, cooler weather would help. During the school year I would figure that I would disect a frog this year, and I am super excited and want to disect dead frogs. Who knows if that frog will have eggs inside of it.


Also for my school year, I know very well that it is going to be the same, over, and over, and over, but then something new will pop up to keep yourself interested. The one thing that will be a pretty big problem is all the time you will be spent bored in classes until a new lab shows up or you get a connection friday. One thing that will never get old is College and Career Readiness that class is so incredibly funny that II won’t get bored if I do a lot of work.

And that pretty much sums it up for my school goals.