A Sandy Summer

Nora Creel, Staff reporter

  Hello my name is Nora Creel! As much as I hate that summer is over, I know for a fact it was one I will never forget. During the beginning of summer was pretty slow and a little lonely for me as all my friends had plans right after school ended and I was left at home a lot while my parents worked. Even if I was home alone for so long, I still enjoyed having time by myself to watch movies, dance around the house, and sing at the top of my lungs without disturbing anyone.

  By the time the middle of the summer came, I had got to enjoy a week long slumber party with my closest friend as we joked around and talked about topic after topic of whatever came to mind.Occasionally going to a birthday party or bumping into people at Walmart, the real fun happened by the end of the summer.

  Summer slowly coming to an end, the plans I’ve been waiting months for had finally arrived. My whole family on my moms side, all 14 of us, had rented out a beach house in Destin Florida. It was amazing to see all the familiar things you’ll only experience in Florida, as well as all my cousins for the first time in almost a year and a half. We spent a weekend there just floating in the water at the beaches, only to go night swimming in the public pool. With all the birthdays that were in the same days we were there, we had cake almost ever night. It was such a memorable part of my summer and most certainly will be hard to beat next year.