App Wars: Which app is better?

App Wars: Which app is better?

Brianna Barnes, Staff Reporter

Apps. They overtake almost every single teenager’s phone. Full of games, social media, editing software, and almost everything else, the average phone is filled to the brim with applications. Time is certainly taken up by all of these apps used to entertain.

Rhyan Thompson, 8th grader, said that she uses Instagram most often because she gets to post her own pictures to show everyone who follows her. She also gets to follow and like other peoples posts. Though she may not have time for it. Her favorite app to use is Youtube. It does take up a lot of her time, but she loves to watch videos that other people create. Her favorite part about Youtube is the notifications that appear when your favorite Youtubers upload videos.


“Kik is the app I use most often,” said 8th grader Kendall Brown.

She uses an app called “Kik” to contact her friends that live in other countries. As a military brat, she has to move to different parts of the world, and when she meets friends she can’t contact, she uses “kik” to text them. Her favorite app to use is Youtube, which is a very popular app, because she doesn’t have to get up to watch TV, instead she can find shows and videos to watch on Youtube using her phone

Apps are used in people’s everyday life. It can be for entertainment, education, business, etc. It’s very important to have apps that could be useful in life, but which app is better? Ask around and find out which app you use most often and why.