A look at seventh grade athletics class

Chantel Hornsby, Disaya Vinthaxay

When hearing the word athletics, many ideas and stereotypes may come to mind. Some people may think athletics is difficult or just like PE. Some might think it’s only for the very best athletes. Some might not even know what athletics is. Seventh graders in athletics are experiencing being an athlete and being on a team for the first time.  Athletics is a class at Dobie that gives students opportunities to grow as athletes and people. Their physical strength and character are improved throughout their experience. Hundreds of Dobie seventh grade students take athletics. Every day students do something different. “ Our students,depending on what group their in, do weight room workouts , sports specific activities, whole group activities or running outside.” said Coach Dierschke, head coach of the girls P.E and athletics at Dobie.

Students in athletics aren’t only in the gym. Students either stay in the gym , they go outside onto the track ,or go to the weight room . Students go to the weight room at least twice a week and lift weights or workout. If athletes are playing a sport, like volleyball they stay in the gym everyday to practice and it’s pretty simple. If they’re not in the gym or the weight room your outside. They run the track and then do whatever they have to do outside. 

There are many things that students can learn from athletics in addition to learning how to play sports or a specific sport. Hannah Murphy, 7th grader, has learned a lot in athletics so far. Athletics shows me lots of responsibilities and  how to be strong,” said Murphy.

 Coaches say the difference between 8th grade athletics and 7th grade athletics is that for seventh graders, everything is new, said Coach Dierschke.  “Athletics may be somewhat challenging for our 7th graders, because it’s a huge adjustment from 6th grade PE,” she said. “Our students are required to be dressed out daily, come prepared for class, work hard, and get out of their comfort zone. I expect the athletes to better themselves this year.”

Opinions about athletics class are mixed. Many students enjoy athletics. Some see it as a challenge, and for some it depends on the day.  Rita Estes is a seventh grader at Dobie who has mixed emotions about athletics. “Some days I do some days I don’t (like it). It depends on what we are doing that day, but I know the coaches have good intentions,” said Estes.  

Some students say that athletics class also has some flaws. Kaeyln Eickel , a seventh grader at Dobie, said,” If I could change one thing in athletics is our shirts because they’re uncomfortable.” said Eickel. Many girls joined athletics and some girls know why they chose athletics and some don’t know why. ”I joined athletics because I wanted to play sports instead of random activities,” said Emma Salinas,who is a seventh grader at Dobie.

Athletics class provides the exercise that students need for good health.  According to Verywell Health, “Doctors recommend that teens age 13 to 18 get at least one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity most days of the week.”