Dobie Students are Big NBA 2020 Finals Fans

People all around the United States watch the NBA Finals. The finals are one of the most watched sporting events in the world. Many Dobie students watch the big games and they have many opinions about their favorite teams and players.

In a survey of nine students, the  favorites to win this year here at Dobie are:  the Los Angeles Lakers,Golden State Warriors,San Antonio Spurs,Houston Rockets,Boston Celtics,New Orleans Pelicans, and the Milwaukee Bucks.The team who had the most people say they would win was the Lakers.

Fellow Dobie 8th Grader Anthony Morris said,  “LeBron James and Anthony Davis are going to be goated.”

Those who chose the Lakers might actually be right.They are predicted #1 by ESPN, their new edition Anthony Davis had led the NBA in blocks last season until he had gotten injured.The Lakers also had the highest sales rate in the NBA which shows that they are also a general fan favorite in the NBA according to ESPN, Bleacher Report, Harvard Sports Analysis.

Many students also said that the Pelicans and the Clippers will be contenders because of Zion Williamson on the Pelicans, and Kawhi Loenard and Paul George of the Clippers. Fellow Dobie 7th grader Adais Bryant believes that “ Zion is the new Michael Jordan.”

Kamari Hugle, 8th grader, believes that “Kawhi and Paul are the 2 best lockdown small forwards in the game.”

Kawhi Loenard has already won back to back defensive player of the year before and Paul George has also led the nba in total steals and been in the same defensive player of the year conversation.

Students say that they are going to be watching the game finals this year with friends, family, or with others when it’s time. Adais Bryant,  7th grader, said: “I will watch it with my Papa.”

Many students also want the series to last all seven games “so that there is a lot of suspense and hype coming into the game,” said 8th grader Toliver Kinnon. 

Normally the winners get a hat, ring, and team trophy when they win the championship but Dobie students feel as if that should change. Dobie 8th grader Anthony Morris states “the winners should get rings and a jacket instead of the hats because those are getting old after all the years of having them”.

This season and the playoffs are going to be great and Dobie students can’t wait to see what happens and what the season is going to look like. 

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