Students are looking forward to Halloween dance on November 1


Avery Bruno and Tatiana Nabozny

Middle school dances don’t happen often, so students at Dobie are looking forward to the upcoming fall dance. Many are planning to go with their friends and so many say they are getting excited. The school dance is very anticipated all year.

The majority of students at Dobie love going to school dances, but some students have different opinions on it. Kaitlyn Harrison, an 8th grader at Dobie Jr High thinks highly of school dances. “I went to one last year and I enjoyed it,” said Harrison.

Madison Gastol doesn’t have the same thought on it. “I don’t necessarily say I like them because there’s always too much drama.” She said that students always group into the “cool kids group” and leave everyone else out. Although this may be true, students still do enjoy the dances at Dobie.

According to My School Dance, school dances can give opportunities for communication.  “With the rise of technology and more ways to communicate over the internet, teens are forgetting the face-to-face interaction.” This means school dances are more important now than ever! 

Dobie only has two school dances but students have different thoughts on whether Dobie should have more. Madison Gastol a 7th grader at Dobie doesn’t think we should have more than two school dances. “They aren’t as special if you have them all the time. If Christmas was every day it’s just another day,” said Gastol.

Alessandra Ramos thinks school dances should happen more often. “I really look forward to going to school dances with friends and it would be fun to have more,” said Ramos. 

Kaitlyn Harrison thinks having two is enough. “I think two is fine,” said Harrison. It is possible that in the future Dobie will have school dances more often but for now, two school dances seem fine for Dobie students.

Dobie’s school dances have a reputation of getting a little wild. With dance battles and tons of foods and snacks, things are bound to get crazy. 

Mr. Barbee the band director is the deejay and he plays all the latest hits. Kids dance to their favorite songs while talking to their friends and feasting on candy and drinks. Many students dressed in the theme and the decorations cover the cafeteria.

It is a great time and it’s a wonderful environment to be in. Students gather around their friends to have a fun time and enjoy the dance. Dobie dances become the talk of the school during the coming week of the dance and everyone is excited. The anticipation is intense!

This year Dobie’s fall dance will be on November 1st and its theme is Halloween. It will take place from 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm. Students are allowed to dress in their Halloween costumes as long as they are in dress code, or can just go casual, with a regular school outfit. Tickets will be $7 on on October 21 through October 31.

Food and drinks will be provided for a price and the atmosphere will be great! Students should be looking forward to this year’s first dance! Even though it’s not a “school day” students still need to follow school rules. To get into the dance you cannot have ISS or be suspended and you must be in dress code. Since the theme is Halloween, it’s gonna be fun to dress up with your friends and dance around, but it must be school appropriate costumes. If students aren’t respectful at this year’s fall dance they will not be able to attend this year’s spring dance.

You aren’t permitted to wear masks or bring fake weapons of any kind. There will be teachers when you first enter the school. They will check your ID to make sure you qualify to enter the dance.

All in all students at Dobie all have different thoughts on the school dance but the majority of students at Dobie love the school dance and it is a great way for students to meet up with all their friends in a nice environment.

 It allows a way for students to be disconnect for a while and to connect with all their peers face-to-face after school hours.