Personal view: science class is my favorite and it’s other students’ favorite too


Alexis Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

I like that i get to see mrs. Marchese in my science class so I like that and she is so nice. Mrs. Montgomery is so awesome she is the best just like Mrs. Marchese and I just like them both. They are just so nice I like them both so I can talk to both of them while I go to lunch and they are the best science teachers ever they just make me so happy.

Skyler McKee Foster likes her science class because they talk about outer space and they made a super hero or a super villain out of an element and they have watched a video about an exploding toilets. she says that it is funny.

So the students here at Dobie say that they like science class because they like there science teachers. Just like Kyla Marshall she says that she likes Mrs. Marchese.

According to the university of Texas in Arlington all students should take science class so the Dobie students should take science class so they can learn a lot of things like dissect frogs.