The importance of journalism in our society


Chloe Mashburn and Kaitlin O'Brien

Journalism: writing newspapers, and magazines and writing and posting stories on news websites. It’s all about letting the world know about what is going on in the world. “Journalism is what people want to know… it’s taking pictures and sharing news,” said Hailey Gorzell, a 7th grader at Dobie Jr. High. Journalism is very important in our world. It was important in the past and it is still very important now.

According to the American Press Institute website, “the purpose and importance of journalism is to inform society with the information they need to live their lives.Information that they need to make decisions about different things.”

There are many places where people can find information and news. News is shared on many different things like the radio, television, social media, news websites and newspapers. 

Without journalism, the world would be ignorant. Journalism is important because it gives current and relevant information and news to the public. Benjamin Franklin said, “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by judging the freeness of speech.”

Coach Currie, an 8th grade social studies teacher and football coach at Dobie Jr. High, said, “Journalism is important because it spreads truth to people; they need to know things.” 

Mrs. Preyor-Johnson, a journalism teacher at Dobie Jr. High, used to work as a full time journalist. She said, “Journalism is essential to our freedom.” 

The history of journalism is a complex thing. The first form of journalism was the newspaper. It progressed over time and became more digital. There have been key players in the first signs of journalism, like Nelly Bly and Johannes Gutenberg. “Journalism is basically a document so you can see what happened in the past and know how to prevent certain things from happening again,” said Currie.

Over the years, journalism has changed a lot. Now a lot of journalism is digital. There’s television, radio, computers and phones, and there is social media. With people nowadays, it’s important to know everything

Natalie DeLeon works on an article in journalism class.

that is happening. And it has com to the point that basically everyone is a journalist nowadays. “Journalism is important now because there’s so many more people and so much more happening, so you need it to spread more news to people,” said Currie.

Journalism used to be just newspapers, but now there’s more. There’s television with news channels like Fox, CNN, CBS, and local ones, too. There’s radio stations, social media, and the Internet in general. “Some examples of journalism to me are CNN, Fox, different radio stations, TV, newspapers, and people telling about really important things,” said Carson Wolbert, an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High.


Mary Christine Ngumba works on an article in journalism class.