Dobie hairstyles are diverse


Carson Wolbert and David Reed

Everyone has different ways to express themselves. Most people do it through their hair. Dobie is chock-full of exciting hairstyles. Jade Dominguez, an 8th grader, said her hair is very important to her. “I get to express my emotions and my feelings through my hair,” she said. “I have bleached my hair 15 times, dyed my hair 30 times and cut it countless times. I have my own unique style.” 

All around Dobie we see hairstyles like: high top fades, low top fades, mohawk, three string braid, French braid, man bun, curls, straight, perms, and afros.

Chloe Mashburn is an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High. “If [my hair] is a mess, it would look like I don’t care about it, and I would have no friends, but if it is not a mess people will think I take care of it,” said Mashburn. 

Hairstyles can reflect personality. Hairstyles can reflect moods, too. If someone is feeling sad or mad, they might do their hair differently than a person who is feeling happy would do their hair.

There are many local places you can go to get your haircut. Great Clips, Platinum Clips, and Sport Clips are among a few popular choices.

Antonio Padilla is an 8th Grader at Dobie, said he gets his haircut at Platinum Cutz in Cibolo every two to three weeks. “I am going this weekend,” he said, adding that he gets a zero fade and one inch off the top. “I feel messy [when my hair isn’t cut] and out of order,” said Padilla. “When it is cut, it says that I take care of my hair and that I care about how I present myself in front of people.” 

Most people at Dobie like the way that their hair is. “ I would never change my hair,” said Padilla.

Everyone we talked to said they think positively of their own hair. “Curly hair is amazing,” said Mashburn. Most people would not change their hair to get more popular or more friends.


These websites tell the reader all about what hair says about a certain person, and how hair was used as a symbol of power.

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