Eighth graders offer wise advice to seventh graders

Yaneli Bans and Abiegeal Cahill

Seventh graders are often stressed and overwhelmed with how hectic junior high is compared to intermediate and elementary school. There are more teachers, classes, students, work and countless challenges to face. Eighth graders have experienced a whole year of junior high and are a little wiser for it, eager to share the lessons they’ve learned with younger students. 

Aidan Szczepaniak, an 8th grader, advised younger students to stay more focused in class and to be prepared for midterms.  “They need to study and practice the harder math problems that they don’t know how to do well at least every week,” he said. “Pass all your classes and you will have more electives.”

Javon Toliver, an 8th grader, agreed that he now wishes he would have paid more attention in math last year.  “It made me fall behind, especially because I was in Pre-AP Math,” Toliver said, adding that he ended the year with all A’s.

Even getting help throughout the year will make school feel so much easier and will brighten your year, hopefully making it less stressful. According to an article written by Lindsay Doyle on the Daily American Website, a lot of students believe that stress is the main issue in middle school years. Lindsay Doyle wrote, “Middle school isn’t always the easiest time. It is an awkward stage that most likely will include braces, acne and pointless drama.”  

Throughout junior high, kids face a big transition and sometimes they are pushed to the limits, and even bullying. Rashon Collins, 8th grader, went through a rough time of worrying what people thought of me and people making fun along with picking on her. “But some advice to the 7th graders is to do your work and dont get into relationships,” said Rashon Collins, 8th grader

Stress Management Tips states that students are one of the most common victims of stress, but there are multiple ways to cope with it. Such as, exercise, staying positive and organizing academic life. Doing something you love, will often leave you relaxed.