How Dobie utilizes three-day weekends


Students in the Schertz-Cibolo Universal City Independent School District get 11 three-day weekends this year. Most Dobie students are grateful for the break from school and say they utilize this extra free time to hang out with their friends. 

According to the SCUC ISD 2019 – 2020 Calendar students have three day weekends, including: September 2, September 16, October 14, November 11, January 6, January 20, February 3, February 17, April 10, April 24, and May 25. All 11 days off are on Mondays except for one: April 10th. 

There are 184 total days of school during the school year. Most students report that they enjoy three day weekends, but still a few people came up with one or two reasons why more time out of school may not be beneficial. 

The majority of people were consistent about wanting to be more productive over three day weekends. Haley Wagner, a 7th grader at Dobie, said the three day weekends give her a chance to get a lot done. “I could clean the house or do my homework,” said Wagner. 

All of the students had very similar answers, but one teacher, Ms. Williams, had a bit of a different idea. “I need to get more rest,” said Ms.Williams.

Teachers, who normally have staff work days on many of the days when students are off of school, only get 5 three-day weekends. These weekends include: September 2, November 11, January 20, April 10, and May 25.

Another thing some of the students have in common is that they like to go to their friends’ houses. One of these students is Malaya Sanders, a 7th grader. “I like to hang out with my friends and visit my family,” said Sanders. 

Camila Llera, a 7th grader, is one of the many students at Dobie that feel they don’t get enough time to complete their homework during normal school weeks. “It kind of sucks because we don’t have time for homework, and our grades drop,” said Llera. So, a three day weekend would allow for more time to get caught up or give students an extra day to work on projects.

Some students like more adventurous and unique activities. Londyn Bowman, a 7th grader, likes to spend time with her pigs. “I love my pigs and love to spend as much time as possible with them,” said Bowman.  

Teachers, on the other hand, like more laid back activities. They enjoy things that provide them with more time to recharge their batteries and get rest. Most teachers like to hangout with family. Ms.Williams, a teacher at Dobie, is one of them. “I like to visit my daughter and dad,” said Ms.Williams.

The majority of students-and teachers-think that there are no disadvantages of more three day weekends. Gianna Johnson, a 7th grader, loves her three day weekends and she said there are no disadvantages to them. 

Editor’s Note: Maybe the next time you have a 3 day weekend you could try something new. Be more productive around the house, or play with your favorite four-legged friend. You could find a way to get out in nature or surprise a loved one with a visit. Whatever you do with your extra time off, be grateful for it. Because one thing you can count on, is it will always go by too fast. 



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