No costumes at Dobie

Aislynn Warren and Michaela Wray

Most students around America enjoy celebrating Halloween traditions such as trick-or-treating, watching scary movies and wearing costumes. Many would love to wear their costumes to school. But for as long as anyone can remember, Dobie students have not been allowed to dress up for Halloween. 

Mrs. P.J. journalism teacher at  J. Frank Dobie Jr High said administrators communicate with students and parents about the rule each year. “Citing the school dress code, they begin making announcements and social media posts in the days leading up to Halloween saying that costumes are against the rules.”

Many students don’t understand why costumes aren’t allowed at Dobie on Halloween. “Most students would most likely take advantage of the freedom to wear their costumes and dress inappropriately,” said Mykale Myshal Johnson, a 7th grader.

But schools across the country have the same rule. Why do so many schools not allow costumes, including Dobie? Well, The HS Los Angeles Times states “The big issue for most people is that students will take this as a chance to wear whatever they want, throwing the dress code out the window. Girls may also be upset because their outfit choices may be limited in contrast to the boys. Even though many people may decide to dress in something that is not appropriate for school, it is not fair to punish everyone else by not allowing costumes.” Though many schools are concerned with students breaking dress code other schools are concerned for religious reasons.”