Students prepare for Region 11 Band

Students prepare for Region 11 Band

John S. Simons, Staff Reporter

With September left far behind and November not too far from now, Region 11 Band tryouts are approaching fast. Region Band is a large event where districts from our region, Region 11, tryout for placements in the Region Band. Students participating in tryouts are selected by judges, but the chances of being selected are pretty slim.

According to the TMEA/UIL Region alignment website (Texas Music Educators Association/ University Interscholastic League), there are 37 districts in Region 11, and SCUCISD is one of them. Judging by the amount of middle-schoolers in each district, tryouts are going to take a very, very long time.

An article by the TEA (Texas Education Agency) states that the “ Average school size was 476 students in elementary schools and 703 students in secondary schools.” That’s a lot of students that potentially could be trying out, especially considering we have 37 districts in our region.

Some Dobie students say they will try out and others say they will not. Brendan Healey, 8th grader said that, “I might go, but I probably won’t make it.” 

Likewise, Rachel Reyman, 8th grader, says she’s also undecided. “I don’t know because I get pretty nervous… It depends on how I feel, I guess,” she said. 

On the contrary, Nianna Shaffer, 8th grader says that she will try out. “I have to try out because my parents are making me, and, I’m in the top half of my section. I practice an hour to an hour and a half every other day. I think I’m ready, it’s just the etude, just the individual etude that gets pretty fast near the end.”

Out of 12 students interviewed, 72% say they will try out.

According to the website for NAMM  (National Association of Music Merchants,) ”54 percent of households have a member who plays a musical instrument.” 

Now, according to the TMEA all-state Instrumentation website, There are 78 Spots in Region 11 band, so the chances of selection could be very small, according to information gathered.


TMEA/UIL Region alignment website

Article by the TEA

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TMEA all-state Instrumentation website

Band Composition. Key:  (Inst. Name) – (# of spots)

  • Piccolo – (2)
  • Flute –  (6)
  • Oboe – (4)
  • English Horn – (1)
  • Bassoon – (5)
  • E Flat Clarinet – (1)
  • B Flat Clarinet – (11)
  • Alto Clarinet – (1)
  • Bass Clarinet – (2)
  • Contra. Clarinet – (1)
  • Alto Sax. – (2)
  • Tenor Sax. – (2)
  • Bari. Sax. – (2)
  • Cornet/Trumpet – (10)
  • French Horn – (8)
  • Tenor Trombone – (6)
  • Bass Trombone – (2)
  • Baritone – (2)
  • Tuba – (4)
  • Percussion – (6)