Dobie Junior High girls athletics: What’s the deal?


AMIAYA MYRICK, Staff Reporter

At Dobie Junior High when female students have the title of being in Athletics class, they are expected to raise the bar, and be an example for other kids. 

The hundreds of 7th and 8th grade girls in Dobie Junior Highs Athletics know how to be respectful and know what discipline consist of. They work very hard. “We run outside,and it’s really hot, so after athletics the sweat has no mercy for my forehead,” said Dynesha Gramartie, 8th grader. 

The female athletes practice and play hard. Athletics consists of three groups: Black Group, Gold Group, and White Group. As of now during volleyball and basketball season Black Group is basketball, white group is track and soccer, and Gold Group is volleyball.

In Gold Group, they practice volleyball everyday. In the Black Group they practice basketball drills for the upcoming season everyday, and in White Group they run on the track nearly everyday.

They have a variety of sports to choose from, from volleyball all the way through the year to track.

In athletics class, the female athletes can practice on the sports that they enjoy the most or would like to try-out for. Just because they’ve never played that sport doesn’t mean anything. As long as they have a good attitude and they listen (coach-able) they have good chances of making it on every team if that’s what they desire.

Seanice Bolden, 8th grader, who is in athletics mentions that she is athletic, but being and attending athletics really helps her out, considering most kids don’t like working out on their own time. She also mentioned that despite how tiring athletics can be, she still attends because she wants to be a better person herself and that Athletics can make anyone be a better version of themselves. “The purpose of athletics is to push and become a you,” she said. 

When in athletics, female athletes are expected to follow directions, mind themselves, and be responsible. If they aren’t responsible and turn things in late more than likely they will get a consequence, But the consequences are never exaggerated.

The coaches are always willing to talk to the athletes about things outside of school. Even if they look off, or if they’re in a bad mood the coaches will always talk to them.

Sanai Barnes, an 8th grade female student attending Dobie athletics mentions how much she enjoys athletics; all of her friends help her push through the hard times and it’s always fun because its “hype” in there. 

Sanai said: “Don’t try the coaches, don’t try to be cool or do stupid stuff. The coaches are not afraid to call you out, but it’s truly for your well being all you’re getting youself are a few extra up-downs and some towel pushes if you wanna be stupid.”

Sanai also states, “athletics is strict but fun” The coaches apparently will laugh along with the athletes, but when it’s time to get down to business everybody will be focused.

If your mind has been altered about athletics than give it a try. The bigger the girls athletics group is ; The more opportunity there is for success. Remember If you join, you are gaining mentally and physically. You could also find a sport you never knew you enjoyed, make new friends, become more social, learn how to respect and love yourself, etc.