Excessive homework leads to stressful nights

Winter Leslie and Kyla Whitaker

Students dread homework. According to Oxford Learning website, learning sixth through eighth graders spend an average of 42 minutes a day and 3.5 hours a week on homework. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something fun or energetic? 

Brooke Grocot is an 8th grader at Dobie Jr.High. “When I get home I usually want to lay down and relax and not have to do any homework,” she said.

According to the  Oxford Learning website, too much homework can result in lack of sleep, headaches and exhaustion. But there are also pros of having homework. Homework helps to reinforce learning, good study habits, and life skills. Mrs. Higgins is an 8th grade ELA teacher at Dobie. “I think it’s important to practice, but you can accomplish that in class.I feel most students have a lot outside of school and don’t have the time or inclination to do more school work at home,” she said.

According to a study by Stanford University, students considered homework a primary source of stress. Jacie Horn is an 8th grader at Dobie. “Homework makes me feel stressed because we have to work at and then when we get home, we have to do even more work,” said Horn.

 Aliyah Innocent is an 8th grader at Dobie who says that because she has seven other classes, homework helps her to keep it all in her brain. It also helps her practice her work and what she knows.

A survey by Ejinsight found that more than seven out of 10 students have negative feelings toward homework while the majority of parents believe students should be given a break from homework once in a while.

Teachers think that it’s important to practice the material but it doesn’t help when students don’t do the work themselves.Studies show that homework improves student achievement in terms of improved grades, test results, and the likelihood to attend college. “I believe very few [students] are because its either rushed or its copied from another student,” said Mrs.Higgins.


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