Dobie’s attendance is mostly good

Simon Parrish, Staff Reporter

Dobie Jr. High usually has high attendance rates among SCUCISD campuses. For example, in a Tweet for the week of September 30 – October 4 from SCUCISD about attendance, Dobie ranked third among all schools in the district with 96.70 percent of students present for school. Sippel Elementary had the highest rate at 97.39 percent. Wilder Elementary was second with 97.19 percent.

Attendance can be good or bad. Bad attendance is when students are absent from a lot of classes or just skipping, but quite a few students do not know  that attendance can in fact affect students’ grades. If students have good attendance then they aren’t absent a lot, and do not skip class ever, and that will not be affecting your grade negatively.“Because they do not like school,” Brayden Rooks, an 8th grader, said.      

Mrs.Craig, the Dobie attendance clerk, and on average, she said, 20 number of students (boys and girls) are absent per day. There are 1,229 students total at Dobie. When a student is absent, it costs Dobie $43 every day per student. “About 20 students in both 8th and 7th grade are absent every day combined,” Mrs. Craig said.“I don’t know the exact amount, but I do know that it is a lot,” Mrs. Craig said.

Tralee Warren is a 7th grader. “ I think there is a lot because in all my classes there is at least one or two students absent,” said Warren                                                                                                                                                                          Kara Brown is an 8th grader. “ I think it is okay because sometimes my orthodontist has an appointment but it is in Austin,”  Brown said.

Brooke Grocott, an 8th grade student, said she thinks that parents allow their children to skip school because they don’t care about their children’s education. 

Aaliyah Malik is an 8th grader “ I do not think it affects my grade,” she said..

 All schools have some kids that skip, but a lot of schools probably don’t realize that they lose a lot of money\per student who is absent and that comes out of funding, and funding can be anything the school would like to buy or do something with. Therefore, the fewer students who are absent the more funding the school has, and the more students who are absent the less funding the school has.


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