Many students don’t like phone rules

Cameron Vukson, Staff Reporter

Over the years, technology such as phones have become more advanced and a lot of students at Dobie Jr. High use them for not only communication and entertainment, but for academics. However, there are many rules at Dobie regarding phones that many students agree should be more reasonable.

Aaliyah Hernandez, an eighth grader at Dobie,  says she understands why there would be rules in classrooms, but would like for there to be more freedom during down time outside of the classroom. “We should be able to have our phones out in the hallways, at lunch, and in the classrooms,” she said.

Students at Dobie are not allowed to have their phones out at lunch, in the hallways, or in the classroom unless a teacher allows it (This is actually new this year — last year, phones were not supposed to be allowed in classrooms for any reason.)

This Is an issue to a lot of students. Many say one main challenge Is that they want to have a way to stay in touch with their parents for reasons such as transportation, family issues, or help with certain issues. 

Cameron Vukson
Nora Creel


Nora Creel, an eighth grader at Dobie says, “Its absolute garbage. When I was in the hallway I wasn’t allowed to have my phone so I wasn’t able to see the text that my great grandpa had a seizure,” she said. A lot of students need their phones for emergencies like this one. If phones were allowed she would have been able to see the message.

Social media at school is a topic a lot of students at Dobie Jr. High have mixed feelings about. Social media is not allowed at Dobie Jr. High in any form: Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter are all examples of sites and or apps that are not allowed

Melayna Martinez, an eighth grader at Dobie Jr. High says, “If there is free time we should be able to use social media. It will keep us occupied.”

Cameron Vukson
Melayna Martinez


Aaliyah Hernandez is also an eighth grader at Dobie Jr. High, and she says, “We shouldn’t  be allowed on social media because students can bully each other and students can also record fights.”

Cameron Vukson
Aaliyah Hernandez

Phones and earbuds are not allowed during lunch. Students at Dobie disagree with the fact that they cant use their phones during lunch mostly because Dobie’s rival school, Ray D. Corbett Jr. High School students are allowed to have their phones out during lunch.

Students at Dobie believe the rules for phones need to change. The majority of Dobie’s students believe that kids will use their phones in the right ways.