Are Dobie lunch prices fair?


Logan LeBlanc

A meal at Dobie cafeteria includes an entree, fruit and vegetable. It also includes a drink. Students choose what they would like.

Logan LeBlanc and Kaitlyn Ngo

Many students and staff at Dobie eat lunch in the cafeteria each day. With the exception of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch, they must pay for their lunches. The prices of lunches for Dobie Jr High are $2.80 for kids, and $3.80 for guest/teachers.

Teachers and students have mixed opinions about whether the  price of lunches are fair.Many students agreed the prices are not fair and should be lowered.

Nora Creel, an 8th grader at Dobie thought the prices were a slight problem. “The prices are not fair because some students families do not have a lot of money,” she said.

Sophia Alave, a 7th grader just entering Dobie said she thought the prices weren’t much of a big problem. She said, “I think it is fair, all though I think it should be lower, but it is chill.”

Another student, Natalie DeLeon, a 7th grader, believes the prices are too high, and she would lower the prices to $1.00, she said, “I just think the prices are too high.”

Although this is but a small sample, it seems that all the teachers agreed that the prices were fair and equitable while the students believe the prices are high and should be lowered.  Either way you choose there are counterpoints to each argument and neither party is completely wrong or entirely right.  

 All the teachers interviewed agreed that the prices are fair and should be kept the same. 

Mr. Jackson, the vice principal, compared Dobies lunch prices to fast food. “The prices of lunch are fair because it is cheaper than McDonald’s,” he said.

Ms. Johnson, a math teacher, said she didn’t think the lunch prices weren’t much of a problem.  She said, “If it’s not broken why fix it?”

According to the SCUCISD Child Nutrition website, a student without lunch money may charge a total of three days.