In Iron Man vs.  Spider-man, Dobie students say Spider-Man wins


Myra Torres and Niobe Williams

When it comes to Marvel characters, there are many characters that fans have become very attached to over the years. However, when it comes down to the fan favorite character of all of Marvel, Spider-Man and Iron Man fans debate online about which character is truly the most popular Marvel Hero.

All in all, when it comes down to the question of who is most popular, it would seem to be that Spider-Man is the undeniable winner. Many factors apply to his success comes from how he can relate with audiences and how interesting his powers are.

Iron Man wouldn’t been the hero he is today if he hadn’t gone through some hardships. According to the website  LiveAbout:  “Anthony Edward ‘Tony Stark’ was a wealthy, ingenious scientist and  American businessman who led a very successful business.” According to Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom website  “Mr. Stark was kidnapped by a terrorist group. They wanted Stark to build weapons of mass destruction after Stark had tested out one of his weapons that his business manufactured in Afghanistan.

Instead of doing what he was told, he instead made himself a suit of armor to save his life and escaped from his captors. From that day on, he used his suits of armor and his intelligence to protect the world.”

Spider-Man’s background is very well known. According to the website Marvel “Peter Parker aka Spider-Man was orphaned at the age of 6, when his parents died in a plane crash. He went to live with his uncle and aunt. Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider, which made him who he is today. When his uncle died that made Peter want to fight criminals.”

Mrs. Rodriguez, 7th grade ELA teacher, watches Marvel movies and knows exactly who her favorite character is. “Iron Man [is my favorite] because he’s smart and creative… he’s super rich so that’s cool and he’s generous,” she said. 

Keira Marquez, an 8th grader, said she likes Iron Man a lot she used one of the quotes from End game. “I like Iron Man better because he’s the clever father figure, a millionaire,” said Marquez. “I just love him 3000. I like Iron Man more than Spiderman because he has more experience and has a better looking suit.”

Sidonie Kearns, an 8th grader, instantly knew who she’d pick “Spider-Man because he’s just a normal guy that got bit by a spider and not just some super genius,” said Kearns

Kaedan Taylor, 8th grader, was hesitant at first trying to decide whos better but soon comes to a decision. Spider-Man is better because he likes his powers more and the way his suit looks. “I feel like spider-Man should be in another movie because he’s a big boy, and because he’s not dead yet,” said Taylor

Michael Hackkett, an 8th grader,was hesitant at first. He said that his favorite movie was Far from home “I like his [spider-Mans] humor,” said Hackket. 

Ryan Winter, an 8th grader, said he is a fan of Spider-Man for simpler reasons. “[I like] Spider Man because he has better powers,” said Winter.

Imani Copeland, an 8th grader, has some extremely interesting reasons why she likes Spider-Man better, and she is very blunt about it. “Spider-Man because He’s hot, plain and simple,” said Copeland.

Spider man is seeming to coming out on top, it could strive from the general audience. According to Brookings:  “It appears that the large majority of teens and overall Marvel fans seem to prefer Spider-Man to his competitor. This could strive from Spider-Man being more relatable to audiences than Iron Man, after all Millenials make up a quarter of the population and Gen Z make-up 32%, meaning that the majority of Marvel Fans are going to be younger, and thus are more likely to relate to someone that goes through the same things as them, and someone that they can idealize more easily 

Peter Hachevarria, an 8th grader, was unsure at first but then knew who he wanted to pick.

“I like Spider-Man more because I just like spiders okay?” said Hachevarria. “[I like Spider-Man more than Iron Man because] he got swag. I first liked Spider-Man in 1998…I’m just kidding! In 2017.”