Dobie’s 8th Grade Girls Choir off to a great start


Jacie Horn

8th grade choir

Jacie Horn and Kyryn Maples

Eighth grade girls choir, a group of 43, has a lot of ups and downs. One good thing is that they get to do something that they love: sing beautiful songs as a whole and get to perform them at concerts. 

Many girls in choir have said that choir is the place to be; it’s exciting that they get to meet new people and you get to do a lot of enjoyable things. Atlantis Thariot is an 8th grader in 8th grade choir. “It’s exciting to sing new songs and when you’re done with that song, YOU GET ANOTHER ONE!”

The choirs recently performed at a Fall concert.winter lesilee said”I think that we did good and worked together to form a great concert,for Mr.Contreras and for the parents and other students.”

Sixth period choir class begins with warm-ups before they actually start singing to exercise and help the voice get ready for 45 minutes of singing. They have prepared music from Mr.Contreras (Mr.C) to give to them to start singing their parts.

There’s three parts in choir: alto and soprano 1 or soprano 2. The altos sing the lower parts to basically being the bass to the song; soprano 2 is the harmony to mix it with the soprano 1’s and the altos. Soprano 1’s are the highest part in singing, some of it isn’t that high but for the most part they get pretty high.

Atlantis Thario, 8th grader,  is a soprano 1. “ I like being a soprano 1,” she said. Ii feel like I’m really improving my voice.”

One not so good thing, however, is that they’re girls growing up going through changes and emotions etc. and that means that there can be quite a bit of drama. Still, most of the time the girls forget about all of it because it’s usually not important and come together again, acting like it never happened.

The  choir  also goes to competitions. The most important competition is UIL. For choir, winning UIL is the biggest accomplishment.. Last year, 7th graders and 8th graders won UIL taking home a number one trophy. It was a big day for last year’s 7th graders. Now most of them are in the 8th grade choir, getting ready for their concerts.

’’I’m extremely confident in our UIL this year, because we did so well last year that I know we’re gonna do even better this year,” said Mr. Contreras.

Jacie Horn
Mr. Contreras

The choir has its Christmas concert at Steele High School and in the spring there is a pop show to end the year with a singing performance.

Some students say Mr. C is one of the best choir teachers ever because he cares about his students, and he  doesn’t care if the choirs win or lose, as long as they tried their hardest and really sang out their songs and harmonize with everyone and sang our part correctly. He makes his students laugh everyday when they are singing because he’s not a serious person. He wants to make students feel comfortable and safe that way you can trust him and just be glad to go to choir.