Should Dobie have a baseball team?

Braeland Mcbride and Michael Kiser

Abner Doubleday is the inventor of baseball and also a civil war hero, according to the website article, “Who invented baseball?”

Emma Alfred, 8th grader, thinks baseball should be brought to Dobie Jr. High because: “Baseball is more fun than other sports.” 

Whether students like baseball or other sports better depends on the person. According to a College Sports Madness website article, the six most popular student sports in 2019, baseball is the second most popular sport among students.

Bob Wolbert, 8th grader,  thinks baseball should be brought to school because, “Most times middle schools wouldn’t have baseball in middle school is because a lot of people probably wouldn’t try out.”                      

Nora Creel 8th grade thinks baseball should be brought to Dobie because-”Most schools have a team and that this school doesn’t and that its an enjoyable sport.”  Most people that have played baseball would enjoy it but people that are newcomers might or might not.6 Most Popular Students Sports in 2019 | College Sports Madness

Jasmine Martinez thinks baseball should be brought to middle schools because “More people would try out cause I would try out and my brother plays baseball.”

Antonio Padilla thinks baseball would be better for this school”That baseball should replace Tennis cause it’s more popular”. That baseball is in fact more popular than tennis

Jordan Vorheier thinks baseball should not be in middle schools because “It’s not fun to watch or play cause there is no physical action.” According to a Hockey News survey, baseball is the 8th most watched sport in the world. 

Jade Dominguez thinks baseball should be at Dobie because “there needs to be more sports in middle school”middle schools don’t have enough sports for people who like more than the ones inside schools so they go to an outside league.