Behind the Scenes of “Game Of Tiaras”

Performances scheduled November 20 -21


Dakota Acuna and Jade Dominguz

The first school theater performance of the year is “Game of Tiaras,” a play by Don Zolidis. It’s a fairytale and Shakespearean based story. There is a lot that goes on during rehearsals to prepare for the performance, and even backstage during the play.

The play’s plot is a mixture of King Lear, Game of Thrones, Disney princesses, Romeo and Juliet, and the Princess Bride. 

Mrs. Chitta, theater teacher and performance director, said she is proud of her cast and crew. “It’s going very well; I am impressed by all my students,” she said.

The cast and crew was originally going to have the Understudy play on Oct. 11 but then it got moved to Nov 19. The main cast play was on Oct.16 & 17th but is now on  Nov. 20 and 21.

Behind the stage, there is a lot that goes on. The crew sets up all the things, while the cast practices, goes over their lines and blocking (stage direction). The stage manager, Cadence Heath, tells everyone what to do and when to do it, while the cast  does their lines the crew does lighting and costumes. 

Auditions had a very large turnout with 105 students who auditioned for the show. More than half who auditioned — 57 students–made it. 

Chandler Stewart, a student from Dobie Jr High who is playing Prince Charming, said he was excited to be named a part of the cast.  “I wanted to be in it because I have a lot of energy and I have a big passion for theater,” he said. 

Anthony Lowman is very excited to be in the production, he said “I had the courage to audition because of all of my friends gave me all the courage I needed.”

During rehearsals if you don’t remember your lines or you have to pick up your script during blocking, you have to do laps around the cafeteria and burpees (10 burpees for each time you pick up your script and 1 lap for each time you forget your line).

Shelby Rettmann says she is optimistic about their progress. “Although we have had our ups and downs, I feel like we have been doing good so far,” she said

Tickets are $1 for students with ID’s on MyschoolBucks and there will be concessions in the back. 

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