Personal view: Dobie athletics are the best

Traeh Haynes, Staff Reporter

Traeh Haynes


Dobie Junior High’s athletics program is one of the best I have ever seen. I’ve been a Dobie athelete almost five weeks now and want to continue because their conditioning for sports are more than effective.

I’m already playing a sport here at Dobie and see the success they will lead me too in the future.” It’s is cool to be apart of a team here at Dobie,” says Nauj Haynes a seventh grader that is on her way to great success in her sport.

Volleyball is also a sport you can play right now as well. My sister, Naujannette Haynes, goes to Dobie and is in seventh grade athletics. At first she was not interested in anything but basketball, but as soon as she  went to the practice she realized she liked the sport more than she thought. She also thought the sort was also helping with other sports she might like she might use their footwork drills will help her in basketball.

The sport I play is football, and it looks like this team will go all out this year. We scrimmaged against Corbett Junior High last Thursday and was passionate about beating this team. Our A team made Corbett forfeit  when we were beating them 14 to 0 and they were getting no yardage. After the game, Dobie jr high was fired up about the win.

The volleyball B team won the first and second round against Corbett and did one just for fun so we one against Corbett, which is another exciting win against them. Though we are gratified, the A Team was not so lucky. They one the first and lost the last two, but we know they will be able to get them next time.

We know that everybody we will do great in athletics and looks forward to sports that will be a great affection on other sports we play here at Dobie