Personal view: How I got my dogs and how I take care of them

Sarah Bonney, Staff Reporter

Dogs are a huge part of our world. About 68% of U.S households have dogs as pets, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) website. Dogs provide unconditional love and companionship for people of all ages; a fact any pet owner can confirm. 

Pets also require work and dedication that many don’t have. You have to be very responsible and know specific care for your pet. I’ve been surrounded by animals since I was 4 years old. I’ve learned from experiences and books on how to correctly take care of my pets.

I still remember clearly when we got my dog Mia. In was 2012 and I had been begging and begging for a dog for years and here I was strapped into the backseat of my mom’s 2011 Honda Civic on my way to get a perfect little puppy. I was beyond happy and bouncing all over the car with giddiness. I remember my dad saying, “Don’t get your hopes up Sarah, we’re just looking.” I knew the second I found the perfect puppy they would crack.

My parents grabbed each hand and lightly swung my little body through the parking lot. I looked up and saw a small building that read “Puppy Adoption”. The minute I stepped in I was overwhelmed with all different kinds of dogs all around the small room. I was looking through each pin at all the soft little dogs I could take home until I spotted a small little pin in the back. I yanked my mom’s pant leg and interrupted the conversation she was having. We walked back to the little area and I saw a little black dog. I reached out and felt her soft warm fur. Little did I know she was gonna be the best dog ever. On the way home she fell asleep on my lap making little baby snores. We decided to name our little perfect puppy “Mia”.

Now taking care of a dog is fun but also overwhelming sometimes. You have to remember that dogs have a lot of the same emotions as humans. Taking care of a dog can be scary sometimes but soon will become second nature for you. Dogs get in to routines just like we do. Dogs need the correct supplies, food, and outside and inside environments. If you want you can train your dogs as well. Me and my family all work as a team to take care of our dogs. Throughout the week we all have different jobs to do to take care of our animals.

My dogs are a huge part of my family. They help you when things get hard, they make you laugh and most importantly they are our best friends. Taking care of dogs can be difficult as well. But making sure your dogs life is full of love is the most important part.  


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