Popular trends are all over Dobie



Abigail Martinez and Sydnee La Niear posing with their assortment of scrunchies


Trends are a change or development in a general direction (according to the Oxford online dictionary). Trends can include: clothing that is popular, the way people do things, and things people say. 

Trends have evolved over the years in middle school and in general. A lot of teenagers like to follow most trends. For instance, at Dobie, there are a lot of trends happening like, scrunchies, hoodies, Crocs, Adidas, Nike and others. Everyone has opinions on trends and how they follow or use them. Trends are everywhere nowadays and there’s no hiding from them.

Favorite trends 

Everyone at Dobie has a favorite trend that they follow; between scrunchies, Vans, and social media, they all have something they have in common with others. 

Emerson Bradfield, 7th grader, said that her favorite trend is “Memes, Vines, and funny stuff on the internet.” For Brylee York, 7th grader, a favorite trend comes down to the shoes.  “Wearing Vans with everything.” 

For some people, trends are activities. Lexi Ramos, 7th grader, said a fun tradition is her favorite trend. “Going to Whataburger with my friends after a football game, is my favorite trend,” she said.

Trends affect the way students view each other and view themselves. We only hope that they can use their common interests to support, encourage, and build new relationships.

Crocs or Vans are just some examples of what some people first think of when it comes to Dobie trends. Trends at Dobie are not just clothing or shoes though. Scrunchies have been a huge part in the middle school trends. Many adults and parents have noticed their sons coming home with scrunchies.According to ABC News ,the scrunchies are a way of showing that the girl has a crush on the boy. 

Perms and curly hair

Bryce Pence, an 8th grader, said that some boys are even getting perms.“Curly hair is a big trend,” he said. 

Isabella Togo, an 8th grader, said guys should get perms cause they look good with them.“To be honest I like the perms, guys look better with them,”she said.

Brayden Thompson, 8th grader, says he also wants to be more trendy.“I am trying to get curly hair,” Thompson said.

The clothing you wear can affect you in different ways                                               

Flying Scrunchies!!

It can affect the way people see you and how they act towards you. Isabella Togo says,”I mean clothes are big in how people look at you.”

Some Dobie students say trends affect them in almost every way of their everyday life.“Sometimes I’m scared about my outfits because of what people might say,” said Rashon Collins, 8th grader. 

 It affects Pence a different way. He says, ”Not really you can just be yourself.”

It affects Thompson another way. He said, ”Something popular that everyone wants to wear.” 

What students notice

Many students say they have noticed trends at Dobie. Collins says she notices trends and shops for them.“I follow trends by wearing trendy clothing and shoes,” she said.

Alina Hernadez, 7th grader, says that she sees “lots of people wearing Adidas or Vans, like a lot of name brands.” 

Kamryn Phoenix, 7th grader, was asked the same question and she says she sees “a lot of ‘VSCO’ girls, Vans, Crocs, Scrunchies, and low cut Air Force 1s.”

Fitting in

Ciarra Delgato and Jazzmine Govea with their trendy Vans

Some students claim that you HAVE to follow trends to fit in. Following trends can determine whether you’re “visible” or “invisible”. Students say they are under a lot of pressure to fit in.

Colton Tolleson, 7th grader, says that he feels the need to follow trends to fit in because “If you don’t, you become irrelevant.” 

Celeste Valdez, 7th grader, backs that up by saying “you won’t be noticed.”

Madalyn Stavrakis and Mateo Galvan, 7th graders, contrast what Tolleson and Valdez saying… “You should be yourself and not be judged for it,” said Stavrakis.

“You don’t have to change yourself, you should just find people who are like you.” said Galvan. 

Trends play a big role in the lives of Dobie students. It changes the dynamic of Dobie, relationships between student and student, and the relationship with student and self. Without a doubt trends are here and changing everyday, but they improve Dobie Junior High altogether.