Eighth grade volleyball teams had a successful season

Kennedi Davis and Kimora Day

The volleyball season for 8th graders has been very successful. The records are: A team has only lost one game and B team has only lost one game. Both teams have done amazing this season. B team will get a district champion banner.

Overall, this volleyball season has been good for 8th grade. All the teams have been working together and motivating each other to be better as a team.  

Amiaya Myrick, Dobie 8th grader, said the girls work hard and are determined to win all their games. “They’re good, I haven’t been to one of their games but I see them practice during athletics and they seem very determined and focused,” said Myrick.

“They’re good, I know a lot of the girls that play and they are very goofy and have a lot of fun but they work hard and they’re very passionate,” said Kyryn Maples, 8th grade Dobie student. 

The girls on the team know how to have fun and still work hard and be focused. So, basically they know how to multitask.