Teachers work hard to decorate classrooms, students notice


Mia Hammonds and Madison Cooper

Teachers work hard to decorate classrooms for a lot of different reasons, and students notice.  Some classrooms have Christmas lights. Some have posters. Some even have furniture you would find in a living room. 

Addison Richards is an eighth grader at Dobie. She says she loves Coach Hadas’ classroom decorations because it makes the room seem less plain. “I would love to add color to it but also make the room less bright,” she said. She says it gives her ideas, and she loves all the soccer and team pictures.

Kaiden Fake is a seventh grader at Dobie. He said that he likes Mr Joyners, social studies teacher, room but its a little plain. “If I could change the whole room I would add more cultural posters,” Fake said.If he could pick a theme for this room for this room it would be Tex-Mex because he loves Texas and he’s also loves mexico.

Mrs.Higgins is an eighth grade LA teacher at Dobie Junior High.She says that she chooses things that entertain her.”I keep the main posters and change out the student art.”I think it creates a positive atmosphere for the students to feel comfortable in.””I add to the student artwork and change the posters yearly.



Chloe Mashburn is an eighth grader at Dobie. She likes that Coach Hadas’ , college career teacher, has an inspiring room. “I would add more color, and less bright lights,” Mashburn said. “My favorite teachers room is Mrs. Compton’s because of all her Auggie posters and just the  way its set up.

Bre McMillan is a seventh grader at Dobie. She loves  Mr. Joyner’s room especially the posters.”If I could change the theme of the room I would make it a Battle Of The Alamo theme, because i think that would be really cool,” McMillan said.She also likes the decor because it “circulates the subject that’s being taught.”

Mr. Joyner is a seventh grade teacher at Dobie Junior High. Mr.Joyner said that he changes his decoration every nine weeks. We asked him if there was anything specific that he liked about his room he said “yes, my posters, because they help me keep track of the past years.” he said that the posters help his students visualize the lesson.

 94 percent of teachers spend their own money on necessary supplies and resources for the school year. On average, a teacher will shell out about $479 a year on classroom decorations. “My first year I spent well over $1,500 to decorate,and stock my classroom library,”— Mrs Kristina Presley. About 44 percent spent $250 or less, while 36 percent spent $251 to $500.