Dobie’s fashion trends include old and new styles


Gavin Kitts, Staff Reporter

This and last year’s trendy styles are all around Dobie Jr. High. All over, students are wearing Champion sling bags, mismatch printed pants, Crocs, ripped blue jeans and more. 

Many of this year’s creative looks are inspired from the past. From holed skinny jeans to Vans shoes, it shows that students aren’t afraid to try unique looks from days past.

Many students are known for their unique styles. They describe themselves as artistic, one of a kind, or even just basic. Sophia Herrera, 8th grader, is known for her unique style. “My style is all over the place because some days I like dressing basic and others I go all out,” she said. 

Seasons can be an important part of someone’s style, especially during the change between Summer to Fall and Winter to Spring. Many students change their style during these transitions, still, some say they just do their own thing. “If anything, I like long sleeves for winter, but most of the time I do my own thing,” Herrera said.

Staying with the same style throughout the entire year is uncommon to a lot of people, but it’s normal to others. Jacob Potvin, an 8th grader, said he keeps things simple. “I usually stay with the same style, especially for school. I just like to wear shirts with random art or characters and I wear just plain Nike shorts,” he said. “I also just buy a pair of black or blue Nikes. Usually a dark color because my mom hates it when I get white shoes dirty right after she buys them.”

It’s interesting to learn about styles that are different when they’re very different, but varying styles can depend on the stores where people shop. Seth Harrison, 8th grader said he shops at Old Navy and Pacsun through the year.  “I like mismatched printed, button down shirts that are usually colors like red, black, blue and grey,” said Harrison. “I also like skinny jeans but not with holes in them and then I just wear Nike’s, like right now, I’m wearing Air 70’s.