Personal view: I will miss being on the volleyball team

Divine-Emerald Jackson, Journalism Club Journalist

When I came to Dobie Junior High School I was looking forward to tryout for a spot on the volleyball team. I have been playing volleyball since third grade so I thought why not tryout at Dobie. I also remembered the coaches from the  volleyball clinic this summer. I knew what they wanted, I also knew that they were going to be amazing coaches, and I knew that they weren’t going to let anyone give up.

On the first week of school we tried out for three days. On Friday the coaches put numbers on a sheet of paper in the breezeway. My number was on the paper and that meant that I had to work hard to keep my spot on the team. I love my coaches and all my teammates that I have been working with this year.

I will miss all the fun times we had together on the bus rides back to Dobie from games that were away and all of the teamwork we have put into our games. Good job this year and keep working hard for what you want.