Dobie’s upcoming school play scheduled for November

Jaclyn Brunotte, Staff Reporter

‘Game of tiaras is the upcoming theater play be performed by dobie students. Only a few got in at 65 auditioning when only 30 parts. The performances are scheduled for November.

According to playscripts, Game of Tiaras is about an aging king splitting his land between his daughters. Cinderella, Belle, and the Snow Queen(Ellie) with humor to go along. 

Epiphany Aguilar, a 7th grader, says that even though she didn’t get a role, she plans to go watch the performance. “I’m really excited for the executioner!” she said, adding that people should see the play because how creative it is.  

 Madeline Langrehr, another 7th grader who got the part of Smeagol, said she is also looking forward to the play. “I’m most excited for all the comedy and death scenes!” she said.

When on stage and auditioning,  she says she feels nervous to mess up but thinks people should come see it because how enjoyable and funny it is. Langrehr said she really likes the play. “I think it’s really funny, and I think people are going to enjoy it,” she said.