Personal view: the most important relationships are friends, teachers and parents

Rita Estes, Journalism Club Reporter

At Dobie, I believe the most important relationships are between me and my friends. It’s a great feeling to know that when you come to school, there are people waiting to talk to you. Since I don’t like to be alone, I tried to make a few friends in each of my classes so that I will always be able to talk or partner up with someone. It’s also great to have someone to sit by at lunch.

For my first few days at Dobie, I had to sit by myself because all of my other friends had a different lunch period. After a while, I finally was able to sit with a group. An example of one of my friend-relationships is with my friend, Alyson. I’ve known her for around 2 years and we bond over our love for basketball and the violin.

Another important relationship I want to have are with the teachers. I want a good relationship with them because I will have to be with them for the rest of the school year. It would be a miserable year if none of my teachers liked me, or thought I wasn’t a good kid. An example of one of my teacher-relationships is with my math teacher, Mrs.Irle. In her class, I’m always quiet and I turn my work in on time. I do my best to get all the information I need.

My most important relationship is with my parents. I need to tell them all of what goes on in school and if I have homework or not. It’s the most important relationship because unlike friends and teachers, parents are life long. I know that without the love and support my parents have given me, I would not have gotten far in school. A

n example of my relationship with my parental is with my mom. My mom has supported me through everything so far here at my time in Dobie, and I know for a fact she will continue supporting me for as long as we live.