Personal view: being on the volleyball team for the first time was amazing

Nyisha Arce, Journalism Club Reporter

Our Dobie volleyball teams are amazing. We all work together and communicate. Both 7th grade and 8th grade players are coachable, trustworthy, and hardworking. We use partnership to solve problems, encourage each other, and be strong together. I love the team that i’m on and the people too. We are all really good players and I’m really   going to miss playing when this season is over.

What the the two 7th grade A, B, and C teams have in common are we work together we love each other when we get on the court and when we get off, but what is different is our communication I feel as if a team is more loud and cheerful towards the players on the court and off the court.

Our B team has a huge lack of that and really need to work on it for next year so we all can be even better than before, but we all still love each other. I’m really not sure about C-Team but what I’ve noticed from being to their games is that there really fun and energetic, they all help each other out and that’s a really good skill to have especially moving in to 8th grade.

I’m going to try out for track now and I am really excited. I’m not that fast but I still love it. That’s what taught me to love what you do and it doesn’t matter how good you are at it.