Cyber bullying is against the law

Angelica Rivera, Staff Reporter

Cyberbullying is when you are called names, made fun of, or insulted on the internet. It is often considered a poor way for people to show their intentions or selfishness towards others. Some targets might not even understand nor know why they’re the ones being targeted and not someone else. 


One victim, a 7th grader named ZaQuila Petit was cyberbullied at the age of nine on Snapchat. She says she doesn’t really know why she was a target and that she hasn’t told anyone else ever since. 


Another victim was an 8th grader, Myra Torres. She was cyberbullied from ages 10-12 on Instagram and like ZaQuila, she has no idea on why they focused on her.


According to Delete Cyberbullying, a Stop Online Harassment Project Website, there are ways to prevent cyberbullying from going too far. When getting cyberbullied, there are steps you can follow to make the cyberbully lose interest in targeting you. 


First, don’t respond to “minor teasing or name calling.” In other words, if it is only a small issue, the expectation is that you can avoid it if you’re a patient person. Cyberbullies can be encouraged to keep going if they receive a reaction.


Second, it is strongly recommended that you keep a record of all messages, voicemails, and/or comments from your online pictures to have proof if you ever feel like you’ve found an adult to talk to. After you’ve recorded or made a copy of the messages, when you’re ready to trust an adult you can reach out. Like parents, teachers at your school are always there if you ever need advice or help. However, if you think you can handle this cyberbully of yours, you are more than welcomed to do so.


As your decision is final and you decide that you want to take things into your hands, blocking and/or cutting off all communication with the cyberbully is always the easiest part. According to Delete Cyberbullying, a Stop Online Harassment Project Website, instead of dealing with their drama, you get to stop it from happening! Another thing.. Don’t let the bullies take down your self-esteem. If it ever happens, talk to someone who is trusted by your hand and let them build it right back up!


If you didn’t know, there is a law of cyberbullying. Due to a 16 year old’s death, there is a website called “David’s Legacy Foundation,” DLF for short. This is a program to help students prevent cyberbullying and students who are suffering from it. This program was led on by David’s brothers, Cliff and Chris. If you’d like to know more or are interested in more information go to David’s Legacy.


For all of you bullies out there, please stop. Always remember that words can be harmful to sensitive people. Don’t take out your own personal problems on other students or adults. Even if your actions aren’t based on what’s going on at home, it’s not cool to judge people or call them out on what makes them be themselves.


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