Dobie Students love some old school trends, but not others


Ava Graywolf and Aidan Szczepaniak

As many people know, 80s and 90s fashion trends have been making a comeback in 2019. It’s now stylish for people to wear blazers,tube tops,mom jeans, Vans, high waisted jeans and ecc. There are trends that came back that Dobie students love (Hello, scrunchies!) and there are others that aren’t as popular. 

According to LegacyBox Blog, in the 80s, every pair of jeans had rips in their jeans and now things are swinging back in that direction. Who doesn’t like a little breeze on your skin when you’re wearing long pants?

Carley Coloura, an 8th grader at Dobie, said she is embracing the style trends. “I like the high waisted mom jeans because they are cute and very comfy,” she said. 

New York magazine, The Strategist, reported that high waisted mom jeans are so cute and comfy, and people love them. “Mom jeans have proven their staying power for the last few seasons. Women have really embraced the higher rise and slightly more relaxed fit,” the article quoted celebrity stylist Samantha Brown as saying.

There are trends for shoes, too. According to Yahoo Finance Airforce 1’s are making a huge comeback to kids and adults in 2019. Abby Fagan, an 8th grader, said she has noticed the trend. “Airforce 1’s are the shoes kids are wearing to school this year,” she said.

So it’s said that people love those mom jeans and  Air Force 1s, but there were also fashion trends that tried but failed to make a comeback. “Bell Bottom jeans because they aren’t very fashionable on people,” said Aaliyah Salon.

Coloura also said she’s not a fan of blazers.“Blazers, they aren’t very comfortable and don’t match with really anything,” she said.

Franca Sozzani, the great, late Editor in Chief for Vogue Italia once wrote: “Cycles and recycles are a common thing in fashion … Always in different ways but nonetheless inspired to a particular era.”

According to The List, a few things you should ditch before 2019, So there’s something it would give you great advice on what not to wear.

There was said that flannel skirts and tight skirts and jean skirts have made a big comeback. 

“I like flannel dresses,tight skirts, blue jean skirts, and flannel tight skirts because they’re really cute and it also reminds me of the 8o’s,” said Coloura.