Students have big plans for Thanksgiving break


Alina Hernandez and Brooklyn Cantu-Thom

For most students, Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and friends. It’s  the delicious traditional food and quality time. It’s also about taking a long break– one week — from school.                                         

Lots of Dobie students love Thanksgiving. Olivia Thuringer, a 7th grader, is one of them. “I love Thanksgiving! My family normally cooks a big meal, we watch football, and spend time together,” she said.

Bella Malone, a 7th grader, said she visits family. “I usually go to my Tia’s or my Abuelita’s house, we have a big feast from Bill Miller’s, also regular food and Mexican food and talk about why we love each other. What more could you ask for?!” Malone said.

Many people all over the U.S. celebrate Thanksgiving in different ways. Larkin Martinez, a 7th grader, says her family has a special tradition that involves more than eating food. “I go down with my dad, rent a big hall, we dance, and have Mexican food. We always come up with a family dance and show it to whoever wasn’t in the dance,” she said.

Games are part of the tradition for Mykale-Myshal Johnson, a 7th grader, and her family. “We play games like guessing games, guess the 90’s TV show, and lots more after that we eat dinner and say what we’re thankful for at the table,” she said.

Johnson says food is also a main part of her celebration. “For Thanksgiving we will cook turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni, baked desserts, and after that go to my grandpa’s house,” she said.

Almost everybody eats a big feast with many different dishes. According to, a recipe website, during Thanksgiving, people eat a variety of traditional foods like turkey, cornbread dressing, sweet potatoes with marshmallows,and mashed potatoes with gravy. 

Lots of people eat fun desserts. Thuringer says she enjoys the sweets.  “We make “orange fluff” it is made of cool
whip and manderan oranges,” she said.

Madison Gastol, a 7th grader, says “Sometimes it falls on my grandma’s birthday and if it does we celebrate it. If it doesn’t, we serve at the Feast of the Heart Thanksgiving dinner,” she said. “When we’re done we eat and then go Black Friday shopping”

Avery Bruno, an 8th grader, said her family’s celebration is simple but enjoyable. “For Thanksgiving I usually just have family come over like my grandma sometimes even my distant family members they usually come to my house, my mom makes the food and they bring some too,” said Bruno.

For more information:,Thanksgiving%20Day%20Parade%20on%20television.