What Is Cross Country?

Have you ever thought about forcing yourself into immense pain at 6:30-7:45 AM every day? What about wanting to sweat so much you look like you just took a shower? If yes, Cross Country is for you.

Cross Country, summarized by Collins Dictionary , is “the sport of running, riding, or skiing across open country side, rather than long roads or around a track.”

Cross Country is super helpful for students if they want to be more active and become healthier. It can encourage them to eat better, which also can help them stay fit.

According to The Emerald, it has been scientifically proven that; “the faster you run, the harder your heart works, and the stronger your heart  gets”.

Some benefits that long distance running accommodates is improved mental health, lowered risk of suffering from cancer, and burning calories. Long distance running also helps to get a better nights’ rest, which can help insomnia. 

At Dobie, the Cross Country season is from late August until mid-October. The practices are before school each day and meets are on Saturdays. Dobie’s Cross Country girls won district this past season, but it took a lot of dedication.Typically at Cross Country meets for middle schools, the runs are two miles as fast as you can go. Many runners say they continued to run, even with shin splints or other injuries.

Jaclyn Brunotte, a 7th grader attending Dobie Jr. High was a member of the team. “I enjoyed being part of such a supportive team,” said Brunotte. Dobie 7th graders joined Cross Country this year for many different reasons. 

Because of the many benefits, it’s easy to see how joining cross country is worth it. For example:  it helps improve athleticism, helps people make new friends, and improves strength and conditioning. It can also improve endurance to help runners get better at other sports that involve running, like soccer and track.

Cross country has a lot of benefits, but it isn’t all easy. Cross Country kids get many different injuries in addition to the soreness and exhaustion. The most common injuries on Dobie’s Cross Country team include: shin splints, knee pains, or “runners knee”. Cross Country is still a very difficult sport, and requires a lot of practice, patience, and again, dedication.