Personal view: Why I am grateful for my mom


Kennedi Davis, Staff reporter

I am grateful for my mom because she has done so much for me and my sisters. She has always made sure me and my sisters are taken care of. I feel like without my mom me and my sisters wouldn’t be able to survive. She has done so much for us and she puts us first before even thinking about herself.

She is a single mom taking care of three girls. My youngest sister is 5 years old and it can be a struggle for my mom to take care of her because she is so young she can’t take care of herself like me and my sister can. My other sister is 11 years old. So everyday my mom has to take care of a 5 year old, an 11 year old and a 14 year old. She drives us all to school in the morning even though our schools are not close together. We are always on time to school because of her.

I think my mom has sacrificed a lot for me and my sisters. My mom is not like those moms who don’t care what their children do or where they go. She is actually the opposite. For example, me and my sister don’t have social media because people target children on social media and my mom doesn’t want anything to happen to us. Honestly, I’m not mad about the whole not having social media thing because my mom is just trying to protect us and Ii’d rather be safe and not have social media.

My mom got pregnant with me when she was 22 years old. Lately, I’ve really had to depend on her because I haven’t talked to my biological dad in a year and a half and it’s been kinda rough on me especially since he has two other daughters (who are twins) and Idon’t even get to see them that much anymore. 

My mom and my step dad have always been my emotional support. Even though my step dad and my mom are split up, it’s still like we are one big happy family. The fact that my mom and my step dad get along also makes me feel like I still get the support from both of them and they are both still there for me even though we don’t live together.