Personal View: Veterans Day


Amiaya Myrick, Staff Reporter

Veterans Day is one of the days of the year where you can celebrate all of the people in America who have served and sacrificed their own lives for us. I know that most people including myself don’t take Veterans Day as serious, but we don’t just miss school and work for no reason. Who knows what life would be like without our veterans. My dad, grandpa, and my mom all served in the military. 

We should really praise veterans for all their services, veterans don’t get paid enough for their service and when they come back from the military, Army etc. sometimes they come back and have no family and they are abandoned.

Veterans go through various amounts of challenges throughout their service and even after. During services they tend to get deployed a lot and If they have a family, They have to choose whether to bring their family or leave their family. Most times when they have kids and the kids have to move with them it is affecting the child’s education and goals..things can be moving very smoothly for a family and then all a sudden imagine having to leave everything you have or even love at the time


Veterans also can go through very traumatic events during their service, Which can or will eventually lead to PTSD…currently both my grandpa and dad suffer from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) This disorder is also affecting millions of other people who have served.

PTSD consists of re-experiencing the initial trauma via intrusive thoughts, unwanted Increased arousal, such as feeling anxious, or on edge all the time, being jumpy, having difficulty sleeping, being irritable, having angry outbursts or engaging in self-destructive behaviors.recollections and memories, nightmares and flashbacks.

Since my dad has retired from the military he barely sleeps and if he does he has to wear a breathing mask while sleeping. He also has a lot of rules, for example I cannot come up behind him or scare him.

Homeless Veterans

Sometimes when veterans come back to the United States they come back with nothing and have no family..sometimes being in any service is their savior. Veterans returning from deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq often face invisible wounds of war, including traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder, both of which relate to homelessness. Luckily the rate of homelessness has dropped since the past couple of years but this is still and ongoing problem in today’s society 

I know that most people including myself don’t take Veterans Day as serious, but we don’t just miss school and work for no reason. “What would be like without our veterans?”