Personal View: Veterans Deserve Recognition

Kara Brown, Staff Reporter

On November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day to recognize those who have served in the military and show our thanks to them. We do this through parades, school presentations and displays like flying the Flag over your house. Why?


As many of us already know, a veteran is someone who has served or is serving our country through one of the five branches of military- Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard. These men and women make sacrifices every day to protect our country and the freedoms that come with it. 


As the daughter of a pilot in the Air Force, I personally appreciate Veterans Day because I recognize how much is laid on our troops. My dad is at work for long hours and often misses holidays or birthdays when he’s cross-country or deployed. Also, my family must be constantly on the move to be close to wherever my dad is stationed; this means new schools, a different way of life, and a new house. Many military families must make these sacrifices for their country every day in return for the freedoms we enjoy every day.


Unfortunately, many veterans don’t receive the thanks they deserve. Many end up homeless or unemployed, or just barely scraping by- after protecting our country, this is how they are repaid. I think that’s terrible. 


Veterans Day is a way to celebrate and help these people. Many restaurants offer free meals to military families, according to Other organizations fundraise for retired veterans to help them pay for their needs or help veterans with anxiety or PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). 


Personally, I’m glad our country recognizes our military through Veterans’ Day. Appreciating what our veterans do to protect our daily life in the United States is definitely something that we should do as Americans.