Personal view: Why I am grateful for my Mom


Kimora Day, Staff Reporter

 I am grateful for my mom because she has helped me and my siblings throughout our entire life as much as she can. My mom is always there when I need her no matter what the cost will turn out to be; she also even  provides a big house over my head and food on the table every night for me and my family. My mom is even a very successful woman.She has two very good jobs that include being a principal and a realtor.

Even though my mom is a single parent, it does not stop her from having a very amazing life and doing her best. My mother and I don’t  always get along, but at the end of the day I realize she is my only parent that will always love me and be there no matter what I do. My mom does get busy sometimes and when she does get busy I try to help her as much as possible the same ways she helps me.

I think my mom has sacrificed a lot for me and my sisters, my mom isn’t like other moms because my mom cares about where I go and who I’m with all the time and also what I wear. My mom got pregnant with me at 39 and she told me she was so happy to have me because it took so long for her to get pregnant with me that she almost gave up. When I think about how happy my mom must have been when I was born, I appreciate that because I know I was wanted. 


I believe that even if I was never born my mom would still be very successful like she is now ;even though she says that her children make her who she is now I really don’t believe her because of  how amazing she is. My mother can juggle three kids, two very good jobs and a dog all in one day, which makes me very proud of her because she is amazing. I will always appreciate my mom no matter what she does or says or what anybody else says about her because without her I would not be who I am today.