Who I’m Grateful For

Janea Francis, Staff Reporter

I am grateful for Shelby Evanger because she makes me laugh and smile every day. When we first met we were in art class in fifth grade. I had to move to her table with her friends Elisa and Rashon. At first I thought that she was shy but she was actually very talkative. Shelby stood up to go get some paper so that we could draw, and at that moment I realized how short she was. As the rest of the year wen on we became really good friends.

In sixth grade at Jordan we would go outside and play family. I was Rashon’s daughter and Elisa was Shelby’s daughter. Of course I was running all over the place and they chased me. The rest of the year was the best, I think it was the best year ever.

Seventh grade was no different. We were still friends until one of us fell apart and never talked to the others. A few months later Elisa moved to California on the last day of school. We were all crying, I cried for a week of summer. But we still called and texted each other pictures of were we went.

The beginning of eighth grade was kind of scary because Shelby and I were scared of the people who were very tall. Everything went well and all three of us are still friends. Shelby is planning a sleepover for next weekend and I have no idea of what we are going to do, but in the end we all still love each other to death. Shelby — thank you for being my best friend and being there for me when I need you.