Personal view: I’m grateful for Katie because she is weird like me

Micaiah Hubbard, Staff Reporter

I am grateful for Katie because she stands up for me all the time. She is always with me and makes sure I am never lonely. She makes feel happy, loved and makes me laugh a lot and I mean a lot. When we are together we like to dance and laugh and talk about our boy troubles.

 We first met in fifth grade and it was an instant connection. I remember we were in art class and we sat together and I told her I spelled my name wrong on my portfolio and they all laughed and we have been friends ever since.I couldn’t be more glad that I met her.

Some of our best moments was when we went to Orange Leaf with Disaya. That was a fun day because we went like three other places. We all thought it would be a good idea to go to CVS and hide from Disaya.

 She found us and I am pretty sure we almost got kicked out for running away from her. 

After we went to Goodwill to have a fashion show in the store. We picked out each other”s outfits. I got Katie, Katie got Disaya, and Disaya got me. After we had this amazing fashion show in the middle of goodwill we went to Walmart. We were riding in carts and playing hide and seek. We lost Disaya and couldn’t find her for like ten minutes. We also built a paper towel fort. That day we bought some friendship bracelets for $0.99.” that’s besides the piont.” 

She has been with me through thick and thin, through the ups and downs. She has never given up on me even when I am annoying. I’m very grateful for her. I don’t know what  I would do without her. I love her very much and I am grateful to you for staying with me through the years.