Personal View: I am grateful for my best friend Coral

Madyson Rivera, Staff Reporter

Coral has been there for me at my highest and my lowest and has never left. She is the person that knows the most about me out of everyone. We live an hour away from each other but still talk almost everyday. She is a wonderful person and is more like the sister I’ve never had. 

The first time we met was at Schlitterbahn; our parents were trying to make us become friends but we were both a little uneasy about talking to each other. Then when we started talking it was like she filled a hole in me that I didn’t even know about. We talked about all sorts of things but the one that comes to mind that day was our parents. We talked about how our moms were crazy and that they were insane because they do and say the randomest things.

I think from that one day I knew I wanted her to stay in my life because her and I have things in common like we ramble on and on. Also that we forget what we were talking about and then go to a different topic that was completely different. Then we remember what we were talking about in the middle of the other topic and then just start laughing about it.

I remember this time at Schlitterbahn we were told to take Asher and my brother with us to Blastenhoff but we didn’t want to so we pleaded not to take them. They allowed us to go without them but we just had to sneak away from them so they wouldn’t realize we left. This is when we looked to see if they were around, they weren’t, so then we went to the Falls to ride to the other side. We were on that side of the park for an hour or so just talking and doing random things that kids do. That’s when we saw them. Our brothers there with my mom, we tried to make sure they wouldn’t see us but that didn’t work and we had to watch them but they wouldn’t stop doing ridiculous things to us. We told them that we were going back to the other side because of what they were doing and they weren’t too happy about it but that didn’t matter.

The things I love about her is that she is a fun spirit, she tries to have a smile on even if she hasn’t had a good day, she is kind, and many more things. Her fun spirit gives her, her uniqueness that many don’t have. Most people are straightforward but with her can never tell what side of her you are going to get in a good and funny way. She smiles almost all the time even if the day isn’t going well and that is hard for people to do but she manages it. Her kindness is shown in many ways like she tries to bring me up and figure out whats wrong. Then when she can’t figure it out she says something that makes me laugh and forget what I was sad about. There are so many other things but if I listed all of them then the list wouldn’t end. Like I said she is my sister and the other half of me. I’m grateful she is in my life and that I met her at the time I did because I don’t know what would’ve happened if I didn’t.