MICAIAH HUBBARD – Veterans Day personal column

Micaiah Hubbard, Staff Reporter

My grandfather served in the Army for over 20 years trying to provide for his family. He built many of the planes for the Airforce. He had to go to many places which kept him away from his wife and daughter (my mom). He traveled a lot and was never there for the very important events in my mother’s life

He made many sacrifices to provide for my family. We always gave him our love and support. When he retired he got a big party from his team which really made him happy. To this day he always tells me he feels like he made an impact on this world, and I hope you make one too.

I think would should honor veterans because they give so much even some give their lives for us. A Lot of us have lost family members while they were fighting for America and their families couldn’t be more proud.

Many veterans miss out on most of their Fatherhood or motherhood. When veterans are fighting they often miss out on their family time like, missing holidays, missing their children’s extracirruclar events, and missing important birthdays. For them to give up so much of their family time to fight for us something that needs to be celebrated and honored. 

Veterans are some really brave people. They make sacrifices. They miss family time. They fight for us. They most definitely need to be honored.