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Janea Francis

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Who I’m Grateful For
December 11, 2019

Hello my name is Janea Francis I am an 8th grader at Dobie jr high school. Let me tell you about my summer. It was very fun. On the first day of summer I went to Evo. Evo is a very entertaining place it has a movie theater, bowling alley,games,and delicious food. At Evo I went to see the new Pikachu detective movie. A couple of days later it was my birthday so I decided to the movies to watch the secret life of pets 2.

I went to Houston to visit one of my friends and her family. I stayed there for 5 days we did many fun things. We went to dollar tree and we got a 300 and 1000 piece puzzle , but the sad thing is that we were only able to finish the 300 piece puzzle. We also went to eat a couple of times, forever 21, Cici’s pizza, and a pool party, and watched movies on Netflix.

On the 3rd day of going to Houston my friend and I ate a bucket of ice cream in 2 days. We got very sick, but we still had fun that day. We also watched this movie on Netflix called “ I am mother” , it is about a robot who wants a family ,and she doses but what her daughter doesn’t know is that her mother is trying to protect herself from the outside world. I think it was the best movie I have ever watched but it is also very sad. But in the end everyone had fun.