Personal View: I am grateful for my little sister because she makes me smile

Kara Brown, Staff Reporter

This Thanksgiving, we celebrate people who make a difference in our lives, in my case, my little sister, Natalie. She is11 years old and is one of the most unique and wonderful people in my world. I am thankful for her presence in my life because she is easy to relate to and she makes things less sad or boring. 


Like me, she grew up as a military brat, so she’s learned to cope with difficult situations, like our dad being deployed or moving for the umpteenth time. Also, being sisters, she knows exactly how to cheer me up when I’m upset. 


For example, one time, I’d had a really tough day; I’d gotten a bad grade on a test and my parents were mad at me. I was crying my eyes out in my room when my sister walked in on me. She walked over and hugged me and then asked me why I was sad. I explained to her, but she just rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t worry. At least you’re not a feral toothbrush.” For some reason, she thinks the best way to make someone feel better is to make up some random, nonsensical comment on the spot, and she thinks correctly; as ever, her strange words cheered me up, and I laughed for the first time that day. 


My sister is, in my opinion, one of the best people in the universe, and I appreciate being her sister and her friend. I’m grateful for her unique view on the world, and how she makes everyone smile. Thank you, Natalie, for everything you do!